Monday, October 1, 2007

Attendance at Mock Newbery

I'm working on a date/time/location for the Mock Newbery. This is a Bay Area event, so it'll likely be somewhere in Oakland, on a Sunday, and from noonish - 5ish. I thought I'd put this out here as a start to compiling a list of interested persons to whom I can send further details and information.

So, if you're currently reading this blog and think you might like to attend the Mock Newbery, comment with your email address and let me know (or email me directly at dearanxiety at gmail dot com).



Anonymous said...

Sharon, I think I'd be interested in participating. I haven't read any of the proposed books, but I'll get started. Please put me on your list. Jenny Andrus

sharon said...

great, jenny! i'll definitely make sure to include you on any further communications! and keep your eye on this blog, too.