Thursday, August 9, 2007


Hi there. Sorry for the long break...I was sort of busy reading reading reading and also ajusting to a new position here at work and also just being a bit lazy. But I thought it might be nice to get another little discussion going here.

What do we think of Jacqueline Woodson's Feathers?

On her fabulous new School Library Journalized blog, Fuse #8 talks about not really knowing what to do with this book. What do you think? Newbery worthy material? I thought the writing was beautiful, but everytime I go to talk about the book critically, words like "I loved..." start to come out of my brain and straight through my fingertips. Not very objective or very critical. Thoughts?


Stacy (my friends call me Stasia) Dillon said...

"I loved it..." as well. It didn't stop me in my tracks, but it definately is simmering in my brain.

Anonymous said...

It pretty much stopped me in my tracks. I thought that the issues of prejudice, isolation, hope, faith, and renewal were all delicately woven through the text. The themes were suitable for a young audience, and I grew very interested in the characters. I also like the quiet but intense tone. I thought that the relatioinship between Frannie and Sean was very well done, and I also appreciated the role that language played in the story. Woodson packed a lot into a slim volume. Very nice.